Our team

All together

The passionate and dedicated team at Xavier Vignon is delighted to be able to share with you, day after day, the richness and diversity of our outstanding terroir in the southern Rhône Valley!


from left to right: Ludivine, Yolanda, Philippe, Véronique, Alexandre, Bruno, Xavier, Michaël, Carole, Franck, Bruno, Hugues, Karine and Sylvie.

Yolanda Castor

Cellar Manager

With her charming accent, Yolanda moved here from South Africa. She loves adventure and traveled the world before meeting a Frenchman in California a few years ago and subsequently moving to France. She takes care of our vats and barrels and spends her days walking up and down the cellars in her safety boots, somehow without losing her femininity! As the maison’s oenologist, her taste for creation and innovation are invaluable.

She devours the Châteauneuf-du-Pape ‘Anonymes’  in 2010 and 2012.

Véronique Bossard

Planification manager

Better known as Véro, she joined the Xavier Vignon team in 2019. Her organisation and interpersonal skills have helped her to forge out an excellent career in the wine industry over the past 26 years. She graduated with a degree in oenology before working in grape and wine procurement and planification before joining us in the role of Logistic sequencing manager. She oversees the logistics of the production process in compliance with quality and timeframe requirements.

Her rigour and determination are second to none

She has a soft spot for the ‘Muscat de Beaumes de Venise’!

Alexandre Charles

Production operator

Having worked in the wine industry for a number of local businesses over a 6 year period, it was in 2019 that Alexandre Charles joined the team at Xavier Vignon. He is always smiling, in good spirits and on hand to help out the rest of the team. During his free time he is interested in mechanics which requires a high degree of attention and diligence, qualities that also serve him well in his professional role.

It would have to be the Arcane ‘Le Pape’!


Bruno Descamps

Sales and Marketing manager

Bruno has worked in the wine industry for 12 years now and has always been involved in the sales and marketing sides of the business. He is cheerful yet dedicated and always manages to display modesty and humility in all circumstances. Outside of work, Bruno is very close to nature. He loves breathing in the fresh air whilst challenging himself physically and pushing himself to his limits. Rowing and climbing are his favourite sports.

Without a doubt ‘Les Amoureux’, it’s iconic!

Carole Begaud

Sales Administration Assistant

With 10 years experience in the wine industry behind her, Carole Begaud joined Xavier Vignon in 2018. Her skills and experience are put to good use in the sales and administration side of the business. She has excellent interpersonal skills which have proven very valuable in maintaining good client relations.

What she enjoys most is wines that surprise her, wines that are unique, such as the Arcane ‘Le Diable’, a 100% Mourvèdre Vin de France!

Franck Foissier

Production manager

Franck Foissier, a free-spirit and lover of travel and adventure, joined the company in 2018. He had previously worked for 12 years in the Bag-In-Box industry, another 12 years as workshop manager in Epernay in Champagne and also for a year in the wine industry in Canada before joining the Xavier Vignon team in the role of Production Manager. He is ambitious by nature and always welcomes a challenge.

His refined palate has a preference for the Côtes du Rhône Blanc!

Bruno Soard

Cellar operator

Having graduated with a professional diploma in viticulture and oenology, Bruno has worked in the wine industry for over fifteen years now. His various roles have enabled him to accrue an in-depth understanding of the winemaking process, from the vineyards right through to the cellars. He also learnt a great deal from his father who is a wine grower and olive grower. He joined the Xavier Vignon team in 2019 and now works closely with Yolanda and Karine.

His all-time favourite is the cuvée SM!

Hugues Bommenel

Administration and finance manager

Born and bred in the region, in the commune of Rasteau, Hugues Bommenel joined the team at Xavier Vignon in 2018. For 17 years he was the head of a cooperative winery in Puyméras and he now puts his skills and expertise to good use in his current position with us as administrative and finance manager.

He loves ‘Le petit Xavier’ white for an aperitif with friends but he couldn’t go without the Arcane Soleil !

Karine Giraud

Manager of the Beaumes de Venise vinification premises

Karine Giraud joined the team in 2019. She is bubbly, thoughtful and very hardworking. Originally from Civray, not far from Poitiers, she moved to the Dentelles de Montmirail region 20 years ago. She now manages our vinification facility in Beaumes de Venise thanks to her skills and expertise. Once the lights in the cellars are out she enjoys getting her exercise in by running in the beautiful landscapes of the Dentelles.

Her favourite wine is Arcane le Fou!

Sylvie Mahoux

Administrative and marketing assistant

Sylvie moved to the South-West after quite a varied career path before joining our team in 2019. Her current role involves assisting with the administrative and sales sides of the business.

She’s always in good spirits and her cheerful personality is welcomed by all of the team.

She swears by the Arcane Hermite!

Marion Soard

Manager of the ‘Du Beaumes au Cœur’ cellar door in Beaumes de Venise

Having graduated with a degree in sommellerie from the Suze la Rousse wine school, Marion joined the Xavier Vignon team in 2019 in the position of boutique manager. She is passionate about wine, something she inherited from her winemaker father, and enjoys sharing her passion with others through tastings with clients, wine experts and wine amateurs alike.

She only has eyes for the Gigondas!