Zoom on Beaumes de Venise

Beaumes de Venise : love in Venise !

It’s here that it all began, twenty years ago, when I first came to the region. On discovering Beaumes de Venise village and the Dentelles de Montmirail I fell in love with the region straight away.  These peaks, with their lacy crest (dentelles) are aptly named. In Latin mons mirabilis means mount  or admirable mountain !

Since I’m a consultant for a large number of wine domains in the appellation, I get the chance to criss-cross these fabulous terroirs season after season.

Located at the foot of the Dentelles de Montmirail, this unique appellation, where the vineyards grow on slopes ranging in altitude from 100 to 500 m, comprises three soil types: Cretaceous white earth, grey Jurassic earth and the famous Triassic marl.

One Terroir, Two Expressions
Nicknamed as the appellation with two faces, it is renowned for its famous Muscat de Beaumes de Venise whose cultivation in this zone is long-lived, but there is also the red, which officially reached cru status in 2005.

It possesses a vast biodiversity: forests, vines, olive trees, orchards. This rich and varied vegetation forms a rare ecosystem that is highly respected by the winegrowers of the appellation who follow sustainable wine-growing practices.

An Exceptional Site – An Unspoilt Environment

In the context of progressive global warming, these terroirs, which are relatively cool, reveal their full potential as years go by and produce unique wines with great personality. Dare I say, the wines are as fine as lace!